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By NICOLAS BAKER Join Zoom Meeting The U.S. government and its corporate media have created an Orwellian world of lies and half truths regarding the origins of the present war in Ukraine. Obliterated from the record has been the central role of the U.S. in its orchestrated 2014 coup that imposed a fascist-led U.S.-dominated government aimed at seizing control of Ukraine’s resources to advance the wealth and power of the U.S. corporate elite.

Who is behind the ‘Trotskyist conspiracy?’

By ILYA BUDRAITSKIS  Speaking at a meeting of his All-Russia People’s Front a couple days ago [in November 2014], Vladimir Putin said, “Trotsky had this [saying]: the movement is everything, the ultimate aim is nothing. We need an ultimate aim.” Eduard Bernstein’s proposition,* misquoted and attributed for some reason to Leon Trotsky, is probably the … Continue reading Who is behind the ‘Trotskyist conspiracy?’

U.S. & NATO: Hands off Ukraine!

By MICHAEL SCHREIBER — UPDATED, MARCH 5 — The danger of direct Western military intervention in Ukraine remains palpable following the rebels’ dramatic seizure of Debaltseve in mid-February. The Obama administration, which has already sent over $118 million in “non-lethal” equipment to Ukraine, is deliberating whether to contribute heavy weaponry, or even troops, to the … Continue reading U.S. & NATO: Hands off Ukraine!