Sanders endorses Clinton: Laws of political physics confirmed

By JEFF MACKLER — Jeff Mackler is the Socialist Action candidate for U.S. president $33+ million and one year later, Bernie Sanders’ orchestrated “political revolution” fell back to earth with a dull but expected and pitiful thump, as he endorsed Wall Street’s corporate-funded Hillary Clinton with a resounding “The future will be shaped more on … Continue reading Sanders endorses Clinton: Laws of political physics confirmed

Sanders, socialism and the U.S. left in crisis

By JEFF MACKLER U.S. primary election math pundits are now calculating that Bernie Sanders cannot win the Democratic Party presidential primary contest. His impending demise, and indeed his Democratic Party candidacy itself, has sparked a wide-ranging discussion and debate in the U.S. socialist movement, and in broader circles, that reveals an extraordinary level of confusion … Continue reading Sanders, socialism and the U.S. left in crisis

‘Lesser-evil’ politics from Trump to Sanders

By JEFF MACKLER That the leading Republican Party presidential candidate, multi-billionaire Donald Trump, is a full-blown reactionary caricature of a capitalist politician is now the common parlance of most major media outlets. Even the relatively conservative Washington Post featured a Dec. 1 Dana Milibank column entitled, “Donald Trump Racist Bigot.” Milibank, reflecting the general unease … Continue reading ‘Lesser-evil’ politics from Trump to Sanders

Bernie Sanders & oppositional criticism

By JOE AUCIELLO “… the oppositional criticism is nothing more than a safety valve for mass dissatisfaction, a condition of the stability of the social structure.” — Leon Trotsky in his preface to “The History of the Russian Revolution.” In early June, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton told a conference organized by Service Employees International … Continue reading Bernie Sanders & oppositional criticism