MLK Day of Resistance

MLK-Day of Action, Resistance, and Empowerment (MLK-D.A.R.E.) is organizing a march in Philadelphia on Jan. 19. The broad-based coalition hopes to “reclaim” Martin Luther King Day with a focus on political action. The demands of the march are: a $15 minimum wage and the right to a union; an end to the police department’s “stop and … Continue reading MLK Day of Resistance

Anger spreads as killer cops go free

By MARTY GOODMAN  In 1857, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled to deny freedom to Dred Scott, a slave living in Missouri. The decision stated that Black people have “no rights which the white man was bound to respect.” Today, as yesterday, the racist system of capitalism operates much the same in real life—if no longer … Continue reading Anger spreads as killer cops go free

Militarized police aimed at Black America

By MARTY GOODMAN The military weapons we saw on display in Ferguson, Mo., are part of the militarization of police forces across the U.S. Its roots began with the SWAT teams under Democrat Lyndon Johnson, whose war of extermination against the Black Panther Party was continued under Republican Richard Nixon. As Michelle Alexander explains in … Continue reading Militarized police aimed at Black America

Europe: News from the frontlines

By STAN MILLER Europe has been experiencing major recession since 2008. All figures point out that we’re in it for the long haul. In the United States, strong attacks against the working class combined with a policy of quantitative easing by the Federal Reserve and the ability of the U.S. to borrow money almost indefinitely … Continue reading Europe: News from the frontlines

Youth on the move!

By JOE AUCIELLO Even a brief look at the racial landscape in America today would convince a reasonable person that, in essential ways through the years, too little has changed. Differences in wealth, income, education, employment, incarceration, etc.—differences that are growing to the disadvantage of Blacks—are still based on race. The election of a Black … Continue reading Youth on the move!

Low-wage workers unite for $15 Now

By ANN MONTAGUE — PORTLAND, Ore. — On Dec. 4, the 2nd anniversary of the first Fast Food strikes—when 200 workers walked out—strike actions increased in number to include over 190 cities in the United States alone. Moreover, workers at convenience stores  joined them. As we go to press on Dec. 4, reports indicate that home-care … Continue reading Low-wage workers unite for $15 Now

Outrage at racist grand jury decisions

By MARTY GOODMAN — NEW YORK, Dec. 4 — The horror of Ferguson was repeated on Dec. 3 when a 23-person grand jury in Staten Island, N.Y., failed to indict Officer Daniel Pantaleo in the death of Eric Garner, a 43-year-old Black man. The cause of death was ruled a homicide by chokehold by the … Continue reading Outrage at racist grand jury decisions

Mexico protests: Bring them home alive!

By MICHAEL SCHREIBER On Nov. 20, rallies took place in Mexico and around the world protesting the disappearance of 43 students after a police attack in the state of Guerrero, and demanding that the Mexican government account for their fate. From Mexico City to Buenos Aires to London to New York City, chants rang out … Continue reading Mexico protests: Bring them home alive!

Mumia speaks on Ferguson

By MUMIA ABU-JAMAL  Like a fever, the news broke. But unlike a fever, it brought no relief. For the news, from the perspective of the national Black community, wasn’t good. The 12-member grand jury in Ferguson, investigating the killing of a Black teenager, Mike Brown, returned with “no true bill,” legalese for no charges, no … Continue reading Mumia speaks on Ferguson

Lessons of Ferguson

By CLAY WADENA As of press time for Socialist Action newspaper, the grand jury investigating Michael Brown’s death at the hands of Officer Darren Wilson has still not issued its decision. The grand jury is made up of six white men, three white women, two African-American women, and one African-American man. Nine out of the … Continue reading Lessons of Ferguson

Indigenous people protest racist NFL logo

By CHRISTINE FRANK In the largest demonstration yet, 5000 Indigenous People and their supporters marched and rallied to demand that Dan Snyder, owner of the Washington NFL franchise, change the racist name of his team, the “Redskins.” On Nov. 2, the team was in Minneapolis to play the Minnesota Vikings at TCF Stadium on the … Continue reading Indigenous people protest racist NFL logo

Hong Kong protests demand democracy

By MICHAEL SCHREIBER Hong Kong is witnessing the most massive street protests in its history. Many thousands of people have stood up to police repression while maintaining an Occupy-style presence in the streets. The protests have become known as the “Umbrella Revolution” for the umbrellas that demonstrators have employed to help shield their faces from … Continue reading Hong Kong protests demand democracy

400,000 March Against Climate Change

By CARL SACK  An estimated 400,000 people took to the streets of Manhattan on Sept. 21 for the largest single climate change protest to date. The People’s Climate March, which took place two days before a one-day United Nations Climate Summit, was about twice as large as organizers had expected. There were so many present … Continue reading 400,000 March Against Climate Change

Michael Brown lives on in the movement!

By CLAY WADENA The United States is moving closer and closer to a period of reckoning in regard to centuries of racist exploitation, oppression, and murder. The young Michael Brown, whose life was taken on Aug. 9 by Ferguson police, haunts the dreams of those who wish to beautify, hide, and deny the brutal treatment … Continue reading Michael Brown lives on in the movement!

World condemns Israeli slaughter in Gaza

By JEFF MACKLER  Five hundred and sixteen children are among the over 2200 Gaza Palestinians murdered by the racist, Zionist, apartheid settler state of Israel. An estimated 75-80 percent of the Palestinians slaughtered were civilians. Some 1.8 million Palestinians “live” in perhaps the world’s largest prison, Gaza, virtually unable to enter or leave, starved and … Continue reading World condemns Israeli slaughter in Gaza

All out for Michael Brown!

By CLAY WADENA “I don’t have a gun, stop shooting!” — Michael Brown, Rest In Power, killed by a Ferguson, Mo., police officer on Aug. 9. Unarmed, Michael had already been shot in the back once when—according to witnesses—he turned around, raised his arms in the air to surrender, and pleaded for his life. Brown, … Continue reading All out for Michael Brown!

Stop the Israeli invasion of Gaza!

By JEFF MACKLER  — UPDATED AUG. 3, 2014 — End U.S. aid to apartheid Israel! Stop the Zionist bombing of Gaza!  The U.S.-backed racist, colonialist, apartheid Zionist entity known as Israel is once again saturation bombing the Palestinian people and destroying the infrastructure of the world’s largest open air prison—the Gaza Strip—a slip of land roughly … Continue reading Stop the Israeli invasion of Gaza!

Gaza protesters overcome French ban

INTERVIEW by CHRIS HUTCHINSON Over 600 people are dead in Gaza, and millions of workers around the world are speaking out against Israel's brutal assault on the Gaza Strip. Workers everywhere are standing against genocide and apartheid as well as demanding justice for Palestinians living under military occupation. In London one march reported 100,000 participants. … Continue reading Gaza protesters overcome French ban

Israel out of Gaza! Justice for Palestine!

By MICHAEL SCHREIBER As we go to press on July 17, Israel has undertaken a ground invasion of the beleaguered Palestinian enclave of Gaza. Naval gunships, drones, helicopters, and F-16 fighters have kept up a constant bombardment of the territory to accompany the assault by infantry and tanks. Israel has called up at least 50,000 … Continue reading Israel out of Gaza! Justice for Palestine!

NY award gala mocks Haitian misery

By MARTY GOODMAN On June 19, a quickly called protest was organized against a glitzy award gala in Manhattan that featured a “Leadership in Education” award for the corrupt and repressive Haitian president, Michel “Sweet Mickey” Martelly. On the same program, a “Lifetime Achievement Award” went to Martelly’s political patron, former U.S. President Bill Clinton, … Continue reading NY award gala mocks Haitian misery

Earth Day protests demand ecological justice

By CARL SACK  Protests in more than 20 cities around the U.S. marked Earth Day on April 22. Many were organized as part of a series of “Earth Day to May Day” events sponsored by a coalition of left groups dubbed the Global Climate Convergence. The nationwide effort sought to link the fightback against attacks … Continue reading Earth Day protests demand ecological justice

Boston activists demand jobs, not jails

By MARILYN LAVIN — BOSTON — Long overdue, the unfinished civil rights movement of the last century is being reborn. Unlike the earlier focus on voting and southern segregation, the nascent movement is taking to the streets to protest the “new” Jim Crow of mass incarceration and police misconduct expressed in the “Stop and Frisk” laws … Continue reading Boston activists demand jobs, not jails

‘One Nation Under Surveillance’

By ERNIE GOTTA  “I ask you, how many times does Barack Obama have to lie to you before you get it?” journalist and author Chris Hedges asked the crowd of over 200 gathered in Torpe Theater at Central Connecticut State University (CCSU) on March 29. Hedges was the keynote speaker at the 2nd annual civil … Continue reading ‘One Nation Under Surveillance’